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11-7 WRC Reading Power Training

Content from the WRC Reading Power introductory training originally hosted on November 7th, 2023. Hosted by OSPI partners Alicia Roberts-Frank and Carey Kirkwood, WSC Trainer Bryce Bateman, and WSC Data Analyst Robert Brader, this material introduces the Reading Power program, provides an overview of literacy skills that are covered in Reading Power lessons, and shares some initial information about student data reporting.

If you have questions about any of this material, please reach out to Bryce Bateman at bryce.bateman@esd.wa.gov.

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  • 11-7 Welcome & Connections
  • 11-7 WRC Reading Power Overview & Assessment Guidance
  • 11-7 WRC Phonological Awareness & Book Reading
  • 11-7 WRC Word Making
  • 11-7 WRC Book Choice & Alphabet Work
  • 11-7 WRC Grades 2-4
  • 11-7 WRC Bringing It Together
  • 11-7 WRC America Learns Data Reporting
  • 11-7 WRC Reflect & Wrap-Up
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  • All units must be completed